Our activities:

Project for Ukrainians in Prague

The beginning of the Czech language, presentation of financial literacy, psychological and social support.

- Providing psychological support, including consultations, methods of helping to restore mental well-being.

- Language learning, orientation in a new culture and other aspects of social integration.

- Possibility of live communication in the Ukrainian community with Ukrainian and Czech lecturers.

Participation is free of charge. Supported by UNICEF.

A project for Ukrainian teenagers aged 15-18

Our goal is to help you find your way around the Czech education system, including the possible possibilities of obtaining various degrees and further employment in the labor market or opportunities for your own business.

With practical examples, you will learn how to write a good CV, develop healthy financial habits, and learn how to plan your professional and financial development. Meetings begin on July 17. Participation is free!



The blog and notes were created at the time of our projects. The issue of financial literacy, lifelong learning and recommended books for self-development.

Finished projects

Global Money Week 2023.

The vitejvcesku.cz project participated in Global Money Week 2023, which took place around the world from 20 to 26 March!

The first stage of the "Welcome to the Czech Republic" project for Ukrainian children aged 6-15 has over 2100 graduates.

Implemented by Yourchance o.p.s. with the support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic and in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine. Introducing Ukrainian children to the Czech Republic, its customs, culture, realities, everyday life and its beauties, adaptation and preparation for study.

The second stage of the "Welcome to the Czech Republic" project for Ukrainian teenagers aged 15-18.

From October 2022 to March 2023, we organized groups for Ukrainian teenagers aged 15-18 who ended up in the Czech Republic as a result of the war. During this time, more than 500 people have completed the course in 12 cities throughout the Czech Republic!